Become a Sponsor

On October 5th and 6th 2019 we will host a community centric event for the Arch Linux staff (developers, trusted users and support staff) in Berlin.

Native Instruments GmbH was so kind to sponsor their community location for this event, which is located next to their offices in the Kreuzberg district.

However, Arch Linux consists of an international group of volunteers, that work on several facets of the distribution. To enable us to bring as many of our team to Berlin this year, we need your support!

We plan on providing travel grants for those of us in need of it (e.g. travelling from outside of Europe or students). If you or your company are interested in acting as a monetary sponsor for our event, please contact us via

As compensation for your monetary sponsoring we can offer you a prominent spot on our event website:

This first installment of what - we hope will become - a recurring event, is for Arch Linux staff exclusively, but we plan to open the event up to the public eventually to involve the broader community.


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