Stream details, video details and come help out!


The schedule for the conference has been published for the conference and can be found in the CFP system. Please check out all the great talks we have!


The stream is going to be available through the CCC Video Operation Center, which will be hosting our main stream, and a re-stream on Twitch.

Twitch channel:

For questions during the Q&A sessions, one can use the IRC channel #archlinux-conf-q&a on Freenode, or write them on the Twitch chat. We will try our best to pick up the questions and forward them to the presenter.

For an overview of the available streams and quick links, please head over to the stream page.


After the conference, the talks are going to be uploaded to our own archive and the C3VOC.


Volunteers for the conference

If you want to help out during the conference, we currently need people to help relaying questions to our lovely presenters. This requires you to be available during one (or more) of the talks, have a working camera, microphone and join a Jitsi session with the presenter.

You can join the IRC channel #archlinux-conf on Freenode, or send an email to as we are planning a meeting through the week if you are interested!

Cheers from the conference team!


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